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In a Snit

I recently told a blogging buddy, and now good friend, that I have been walking around lately in an all-around pissed-off mood. Yeah, I know, not very “ladylike,” but there it is. Frankly, I’m tired of being in a bad … Continue reading

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Singin’ the Poor-Me Blues

I used to love the holidays. I planned and cooked and decorated, and looked forward to a house filled with tradition, good smells, and the laughter of family. Increasingly, the holidays have become a time of anxiety and loss. We … Continue reading

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Hubris Takes a Dive

It’s been seven weeks since I sent it in.  It was a big risk: submitting a short story, asking to be judged, hoping to win, certain I wouldn’t.  Still, like the New York Lottery guy says, “Hey, you never know.” … Continue reading

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What would you do to win a new Mini Copper?

It’s really cute, and winning a free one would be nice.  But, yikes, there are limits.  It must be a guy thing.  

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I mean, seriously???

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