A Trip to the Far Side

Many of us are the children of parents who lived through the depression. Like all parents, ours wanted us to have a better life.  They brought us up to be frugal, to save, to “put something aside for a rainy day.”  And being the good children we are, we tried, peeling a little away from the paycheck and sticking it in the bank. Back in the day, not only did we not spend those savings, we watched them grow.

Today? Not so much. The latest statement from the bank tells us that our little nest egg is earning about one tenth of 0ne percent a year, if we’re lucky and that money is working really hard. But if our hard-earned money is hanging around up on the street corner with Bank of America, it’ll only make .01% interest oi a regular savings account. But wait; there’s hope. If we find it a job in BofA’s “Growth Money Market” (hey, I like the sound of that word “growth”), it’ll earn a whopping .05% interest.

Geez, that’s hardly worth it. Might as well let the nest egg stay at home under the mattress or watching soaps and eating bon-bons.


If you’re one of the 1%, why not use some of that money — it’s just laying around like the rest of those lazy unemployed dollars, after all — and have yourself an adventure! Yep, have we got a a fantastic trip to the far side for you! Here’s what you do.

Pay a visit to one of Virgin Galactic’s “accredited space agents.” In exchange for just a pittance of your lay-about money, he’ll sell you a ticket for a 2-hour journey some 60 miles straight up on a “futuristic craft known as the SpaceShipTwo.” The price? A mere $200,000.

(Source: New York Time article, worth the read)

Two hours and 60 miles sound too tame for you, Intrepid Rich Guy? No worries. Go see Excalibur Almaz, a company that will send you on a week-long adventure to a “gravity neutral point near the moon.”  A bargain at about $150 million. What the heck, it’s not doing you much good just laying around doing nothing, is it?


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  1. Missing your posts, Patti.

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