Happy Times in Ticky Tacky Town

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A few days ago, a writing blog I participate in asked for a poem about a neighborhood.  Between the ages of eight- and twelve-years-old, I lived in Houston, Texas in a  place that defines the word “neighborhood” to me. There was no  neighborhood I could write about other than that one, and so I did, on my fiction and poetry blog, Pattiken and the Muses:


In retrospect, that Levittown-like neighborhood seems pretty awful. I’m reminded of the Pete Seeger song, Little Boxes.  (http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/MALVINA/mr094.htm)

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There’s a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

John Mellancamp did one too. His was called Little Pink Houses. (http://www.lyricsfreak.com/j/john+mellencamp/pink+houses_20074447.html)

 Oh but ain’t that America for you and me
Ain’t that America somethin’ to see baby
Ain’t that America home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me

Ticky tacky little boxes, maybe, but at the time, I loved it. There were kids my age (give or take a year or two) in all the houses, and we came of age together.

It was there I had my first boyfriend, my first date, my first dance, and my first kiss.  There I got to wear the coveted “straight skirt” for the first time with flats rather than mary jane shoes with socks. Oh, and when someone brought out a Pageant magazine with pictures (!), it was there I learned where babies came out. That one almost scarred me for life.

It was a magical time.


Special thanks to my Aussie blogging friend Selma. This post began as an email to her about Boomers. As she often does, she inspired me.  Visit Selma at her blog Selma in the City. You’ll be glad you did.

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3 Responses to Happy Times in Ticky Tacky Town

  1. This post brought to life many old memories, especially of the rows of ticky tacky little box houses that were “home”! Thank you.

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh my goodness! What memories… 🙂

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