A Letter to Mom

Dear Mother Nature,

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t thanked you for everything you’ve given me in a really long time. Like  forever. It’s not that I’m unappreciative. You know how much your generosity means to me. How could you not? Mothers know things. But as a mom myself, I know that a word of thanks is always welcome.

Thank you for all you give to me, but especially for these favorites:

  • Springtime – I love the newness, the tender greens and buds on trees, the welcome caress of a warm breeze after the harsh winter chill.
  • Baby animals – kittens, puppies, foals, tiger cubs, even baby rhinos… I love all baby critters, when they haven’t quite learned to be anything but babies, happy to be alive.
  • Palm trees -the susurrus of the fronds, rustling in the quiet night, has got to be the best sleeping aid ever. Ambien’s got nothing on you, Mom.
  • Fruit – sweet and tart, crisp and juicy, soft and luscious; it makes my mouth pucker in happiness just thinking about it.
  • Forests – I never knew the secrets you hid in forests until I started hiking there. Ssshhh… Don’t worry; I won’t tell.
  • Cheese – I need say no more.

There are so many more things I’m thankful to you for, but like I said, you know that. While were talking, though, I wonder if you’d consider a few changes? Nothing drastic, you understand, just a few product tweaks for future production.

  • Could we lose the papery stuff on the outside of an onion that sheds all over the place? And while you’re at it, maybe remove whatever it is that makes me weep? (Though I must admit that weepy bit is really good for pity points when I’m slaving over a big meal.)
  • Mud season – what could an I say that “yuck!” won’t cover?
  • Cockroaches – especially the flying palmetto bug type. My dad told me they love moist, dark places and I sleep with my mouth open. I’ve never been quite the same after that. Besides, haven’t they had way more than their share of time on the planet?
  • Tornadoes – I mean… really? Yelling at us now and then is to be expected. You are a mother, after all. But isn’t that a bit of overkill (sometimes literally!) in the punishment department?
  • Superbugs – I’m talking about the ones the docs call MRSA. It’s a sad state of affairs when healing places become the most life-threatening places you could go. Seems like the newspapers report a new case almost ever day. And if one of these get you, you’ve got a 70% chance of leaving in a box. One almost got me. Enough said.

So, thank you for everything, Mom, and give a thought to my suggestions. And, oh, it’s a little late, I know, but…

Happy Mother’s Day.

Love, Patti

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7 Responses to A Letter to Mom

  1. misterlou says:

    I am SO glad it didn’t get you – and I vote for ALL your changes.

    • Patti says:

      I’m pretty glad myself, Lou. Or should I call you “Mister Lou”?

      • misterlou says:

        Oh – that’s that WordPress thing. I once considered moving over to WordPress and that thing rears its ugly head every once in a while. But you? You can call me anything you like. 🙂

  2. Patti says:

    Glad you liked it, Ashley!

  3. Tara R. says:

    Gotta agree with the onion paper, I’d also expand that to garlic. Tornados and hurricanes… seriously? You nailed the ‘keepers’ list, especially walks in the forest.

    • Patti says:

      Yeah, hurricanes are pretty bad, but at least they give plenty of warning. Garlic paper is OK with me. It stays on, and comes off easily. The stickiness could go away, though.And I meant to add one more thing, but forgot: humidity. I HATE humidity.

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    That’s good. As I was reading the intro, I knew there had to be a kick in this somewhere. Good job.

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