And now, we pause our regular programming for some shameless bragging

Many of you “know” my daughter Lisa. It’d be hard not to if you’ve been visiting me here for long. But if you don’t, you can meet her here (The Superhero) and here (She Speaks) and here (They Walk).

(Hey, I told you it would be shameless.)

As she was working through her Master’s program (finished last year – hooray!), Lisa gained many useful skills. One of them was how to research.  The need to research for school behind her, she’s putting that skill to work today to create a road map to a healthier lifestyle, and she has a new blog to share the results of her research with us.

Lisa Rounds Healthy Living

Many of us began 2012 with a list of resolutions, and I’m betting a healthier lifestyle was on most of those lists. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is tough, especially if you’re making the trip alone.  Go check out the blog, and join Lisa on the road to a healthier life. I know she’d love it if you shared some of the highlights and roadblocks you encounter on your own journey.

Lisa’s latest series of posts is on skin care, and there is some really useful information there.

…We now return you to our regular programming.



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4 Responses to And now, we pause our regular programming for some shameless bragging

  1. lceel says:

    And, of course, she’s so good looking because she’s my Niece.

  2. Titanium says:

    Very cool! Off to check out her new digs…

  3. Tara R. says:

    Congrats to you daughter! Brag away! Going to check out her blog…

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