Warning! Books Can Be Dangerous!

How important is reading to you?  To your children?  To our future?

Starting in childhood with the school library and the bookmobile that came around the neighborhood in summers, and continuing through the present, books have been my loyal companions, my fellow travelers to new lands, cohorts sharing many exciting adventures, food for the brain and balm for the soul.

They are cutting so many school programs these days. Can you imagine if they cut reading programs?

My daughter Lisa (many of you know her story) is a teacher, and is in the process of finishing her Master’s Program in Moderate Special Needs Education.  For one of her classes, she is working on a big research project about childhood reading, and how it impacts adult reading habits.  She has created a short  (it took me less than 5 minutes), anonymous online survey to gather data.

Will you give Lisa your input about reading?  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey yourself, and ask your friends and family to take it too.

The deadline is Friday, April 15.  Yes, I know some of you have something else due that day, but this will be a lot more fun.  And I know Lisa will be very grateful.

Here’s the link:

Reading Survey


This is a cross-post, also appearing on my creative writing blog, PattiKen and the Muses.

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5 Responses to Warning! Books Can Be Dangerous!

  1. randallweiss says:

    I took the survey. Cheers.

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Hi, Patti!

    I will pass the link to this along in an email. Hope Lisa will post results. That would be interesting.

    Have a wonderful day.


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