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The Gift of Good Fun

(This is a “simulcast” of a post on my other blog, PattiKen and the Muses.) So many of you are terrific writers.  So much so, in fact, I am often awestruck (and, yes, even jealous) when I read your blogs. … Continue reading

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Mellow Matt

It’s that time of year again.  Ever since we were children, we’ve looked forward to the holidays as a joyful time of family, friends and celebration.   What I always forget, until it rears its ugly head every December, just … Continue reading

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From My Mother at Christmas

  This is a repost of something I did on my other site, PattiKen and the Muses, last year at this time.  It seems appropriate to do it again this year. *** From My Mother at Christmas The year I … Continue reading

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I mean, seriously???

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Letting It All Hang Out

The press has been filled with stories both dire and funny about the new full-body scanners in use at airports around the US.  Many are outraged, while others just shrug and pass through.  “What’s one more indignity in a world … Continue reading

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