Today, my talented friends Jeffscape and Tom at Half-Moose with a Twist posted the latest cartoon in their collaboration series Touché-Cliché.  Through Tom’s art and Jeff’s, scripting, they are humorously skewering some of  the culture’s philosophical sacred cows.

Today’s strip reminded me of a comic strip I saw many (many) years ago.  It was done by my favorite cartoonist Jules Feiffer. I cut it out, and for years, I carried it around and taped it on the various cubicle and office walls of my career.  Though I can’t immediately lay my hands on it, I think I may still have it somewhere, looking something like the woman in the story I’m about to tell you.

Like Jeff’s and Tom’s cartoon, Feiffer’s  made me smile even as I was nodding and thinking, “Oh, yeah, spot on.”

Even though I can’t show you the Feiffer cartoon, I’m going to share it with you in story form.  You are all very creative people.  Picture the panels of the drawing as you follow along.

Update: Thanks to Jeff, I searched the Web again for the cartoon. Though I’ve failed many times to find it, this time I did.  You can see it (and a follow-up, which I didn’t know about) here.


One day, a woman approaches a wizard. The wizard is dressed in his best wizard garb.   He’s all draping robes, long flowing white beard, and holding a gnarly staff.

“Oh, prithee, Most Wise One,” she queries.  “Whither?”

The wizard points off to the distance with a long, bony finger, and says (wisely, of course), “Thither.”

The woman thanks him, and heads off in the direction he indicated.

From off-screen you see…

Soon, our heroine is back, looking a little worse for wear.


And once again, the wizard extends his bony finger and says, “Thither.”

The woman looks at him for a moment, then says “O-okay,” and heads off.

She limps back, now all ragged and dirty.


Out goes the bony finger, and the wizard again says “Thither!”

“Why ‘Thither’?!” she cries imploringly.

And the wise one answers, “In this life, there is but one Thither, and it’s a mile past Splat.

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15 Responses to Splat!

  1. souldipper says:

    No detours, no shortcuts. 🙂

    Have been talking with friends lately about the fact that our SPLATS are our best teachers. Without splats, we would just have forever Thithers. How would we know we have strength and beauty with the Splats?

    Love this post, PattiKen. Thanks for the intro to the cartoonists and their work.

    • souldipper says:

      Ooops – How would we know we have strength and beauty withOUT the Splats?

    • PattiKen says:

      Hi, there. You are so right about the splats, though sometimes they are a little messy.

      You’re welcome for the links, though Jeff and Tom are far more than cartoonists. These guys can write! Dig into their posts, and I promise, you will find some great stuff.

      Jeff and Tom, you can pay me later. 🙂 (tee hee)

    • PattiKen says:

      Good grief. Are you telling me that you just happened to have that tucked away? That is just too weird.

      And, hey, I haven’t seen that cartoon in over a decade. How’s that for a memory? It’s very reassuring actually. It’s a little hard to see, but it looks like I only got a few words wrong.

      I’m sure you can see why your Touché-Cliché post reminded me of it.

  2. Love it! I miss the splat-humor I grew up with…Tom and Jerry, Tweety….
    Enjoyed your Veteran’s Day post, too.

    • PattiKen says:

      Thank you, my friend. I know what you mean. So many of the cartoons today seem a little violent to me.

      But I love Jules Feiffer. I think his work is amazing. It somehow just speaks to me.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Chuckle. We do need the splats. Thanks for the intro to two new sites.

    Am out and around getting caught up on visits. Hope all is well with you Patti.

  4. Ah, yes. The messy, painful, vital splats! Here’s to getting a mile beond them.

  5. mairmusic says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Patti– well timed.

  6. 2zpoint says:

    Lord knows I’ve had my share of splats but seriously they really should put a bypass loop around that place…traffic just piles up! 🙂

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