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Day of the Dead

As the days of October dwindle, thoughts here in the US turn to Halloween. Sorry, Edgar! Once upon a midnight dreary (With all apologies to Mr. Poe) Dad’s ticked off and Mom’s exhausted Gremlins whine and goblins moan. Dressed in … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Sony Walkman. Sony Walkman 1979-2010  

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The Case of the Empty Cupboard

One day, I opened the cupboard and found… nothing.  Either the dishwasher had joined forces with my sock-eating dryer or… (cue music) I had been robbed. I waited until I was sure the most likely suspect would not be home, … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

One of my (and probably your) favorite blogging buddies gave us a peek into his journal today, where he had crafted his post, complete with artwork, before putting it up on his blog.  He travels in some pretty awesome company.  … Continue reading

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It wasn’t all that long ago that I didn’t know him.  Oh, I knew he was always around, but for whatever reason, he left me alone. Sometimes, I wish I could go back. It was easier then. Nowadays, when he … Continue reading

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Aren’t you mad yet?

One of our favorite bloggers, Jamie at Musings by Moonlight, posted this very important and moving video today.  Thank you, Jamie. Bullying has somehow become a popular pastime in our schools.  I remember nothing even remotely like it from my … Continue reading

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Yo Mama!

No pressure.  No obligation.  No sad stuff.  Just a charming little video.

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She Speaks

You have all read my posts in which I told you about my daughter Lisa and her fight against breast cancer.  She is The Superhero I wrote about. Today, she speaks for herself.   These are her words. Mine Is Not … Continue reading

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Your Chance to Thrill ‘Em

Update: Here’s what this looked like in my corner of the cemetery. ************ So.  What are you doing on October 23rd? Thriller Not busy?  Cool.  You can join tens of thousands of people around the world who will dress up … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings and Passing Them On

I have been blessed. Of the 209,060 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, I have not been one.  So far. Of the 3 million women who are living with breast cancer as I write this, I … Continue reading

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