A ‘love’ Story, Part 4

This is a continuation of the previous posts:

I hope you’ll read them first.

OK, So Funny Is Good

Oh, well.  It was still fun talking to him.

The pilot came on the intercom and announced that Boston was socked in. In order to avoid a reroute to another city, they were going to circle for an hour or so, and see if the weather cleared. Normally, I would have been really annoyed at this turn of events, but I was having a great time, so I didn’t mind.

As my seatmate and I continued to talk, I realized that he was funny.  Really funny.  And I started reconsidering my self-imposed restrictions regarding the aforementioned fatal flaw.

Okay, so maybe “short” wasn’t so bad.  I mean, it wasn’t anything like married or geographically undesirable (GU, as they used to say), right?  I could leave the heels in the closet and wear flats. My feet would thank me for that, anyway.  Maybe I could slouch a bit.  Maybe he was slouching now.

And, after all, he seemed pretty smart. And he was funny. That counted for a lot.  And, besides, he seemed to like me despite my startlingly red nose (which I’d noted while in the restroom was redder than ever) and the fact that I sounded like Lauren Bacall on a bad day.

The more we talked, the more I talked myself into the possibility of a relationship with this almost total stranger.  (Hey, give me a break.  It had been years!)   I decided that I would say “Yes” when he asked me out.

We continued to talk as we flew round and round the New England skies. He got funnier. I got happier.  My voice got raspier and raspier.  And I’m sure my nose got redder, but I didn’t care.

And then the pilot announced that the weather had broken and we would be on the ground in Boston in a few minutes.

But wait…

– to be continued –

Tune in tomorrow.  Same time, same channel.

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5 Responses to A ‘love’ Story, Part 4

  1. souldipper says:

    I hear a drum roll. Can hardly wait.

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  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    and … a girl can hold her breath only so long, Patti ….

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