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Talking the Talk

I was reading an e-mail newsletter this morning, and I came across an article called “How to Pimp Out Your Dorm Room. What caught me was the use of the phrase “pimp out.” This is an expression used mostly by … Continue reading

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Not Your Daughter’s Knees

Imagine my excitement! Have you noticed? Nothing fits. If it fits, it’s downright dumpy.  Or made out of recycled soda bottles.  Things used to fit.  They fit fine when I was 25.  But I haven’t seen 25 in a good … Continue reading

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Unexpected Consequences

Today’s Boston Globe featured a story that caught my eye. Here is an excerpt: “Petroleum-eating bacteria, which had dined for eons on oil seeping naturally through the sea floor, proliferated in the cloud of oil that drifted underwater for months … Continue reading

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Peeping Thomasina

As many of you know, I participate in and follow many memes.  The challenges they present make for good opportunities to practice the craft of writing. But, somewhat unexpectedly, they have also offered some other opportunities.  I have “met” some … Continue reading

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Food from the Muse

This is a bit “Hallmark Cards,” but the Muse insisted. ************************* Drop in to see me at my place across town, PattiKen and The Muses, which is decorated with a bit of short (really short) fiction, poetry and photography.  I’d … Continue reading

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The Talent Gene

Today’s newspaper ran an ad announcing that actress Tyne Daly (who starred as Detective Lacey years ago in the series Cagney and Lacey)  was going to appear locally to sing.  This is yet one more confirmation of what I have … Continue reading

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The Little Store on the Corner

Have you ever gone up to that little store at the corner?  It’s the one with the wooden porch out front where those old duffers spend hours sitting and smoking and smiling at all the pretty girls who pass by.  … Continue reading

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And away we go…

Before I begin saying what I came to say, I must comment on what an apt analogy I made when I referred to this as my little getaway retreat. When I came today for my first little break from creative … Continue reading

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A Pied-a-Terre for the Muses

Thank you all for being so welcoming and supportive. As I pondered and prevaricated, the thought of a major move was simply too overwhelming an idea to put into action.  But then I had a great idea!  I think this … Continue reading

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