But not yet…

If you are a regular visitor to my home across town and have come upon me here, you’re probably wondering, “what gives?”  So many of you live over here, so I thought I’d check it out, and see if the neighborhood has enough to offer to inspire me to move.

Thing is, I hate moving.  The very thought of all that packaging, unpacking, decorating and housekeeping weighs heavy.

So we’ll see.

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8 Responses to But not yet…

  1. Jingle says:

    I love wordpress,
    Glad to see you in one…


    Happy Tuesday!
    Look to see if you like one or two awards there.

  2. Kavita says:

    Well well well… WELCOME to the quaint town of WordPress!!!! 🙂
    I am sure you will love it here too…. and be rest assured, you will be loved too!!!
    The skyline of poets, the rivers of lovely writings, the helpful and encouraging communities, the well-lit downtown of WP support, the thriving supermarket of tools and themes – this town has it all!!! 🙂
    Happy Writing!!! And once again, A very very Warm Welcome !!!

  3. pattiken says:

    Hi, Kavita! Thanks for the warm welcome. Even though you make this town sound absolutely delightful, I just haven’t gotten past that whole moving thing. So don’t be throwing me a welcome party just yet.

    (Now back to reading all those great One Shot entries…)

  4. tracyhsays says:

    Oh…come on over…he he he…it’s real nice here…you know you want to….

    Hi, pattiken, I came by to thank you for your visits and comments over at my “WP” blog. Thanks much 🙂
    Tracy H

  5. Hi Pattiken,
    I’ve been told a move is good for stimulating the brain, making you see old things in a new way, and see new things period. Makes sense to me. I love wordpress, and I love the community of writers; very encouraging, lots of comments and some fine quality work at all ages and stages of the writing game. I use the same heading as you do, and I love it because I can interpose my own photos and experiment with changing the look when I add a new post, without having to change all the posts. Good luck with your move if you do it. Thanks so much for commenting on Lucky Dog.

  6. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh, be daring, Pattiken! WordPress is first class . . . nothing to fear . . . Welcome!

  7. Tara R. says:

    Once you settle in, I think you’ll really like WP. And… you can have so much fun decorating over here too.

  8. Titanium says:

    It’s perfectly lovely to see you here, Patti! 🙂 Can’t wait to read and catch up on everything I’ve missed…

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